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About Me

Hi! I'm Jenna, the owner of Yat Cat Print Co. I design, illustrate and screenprint by hand every single item that my shop offers! I recently moved to Denver and opened a cute little shop where I also offer vintage clothing and housewares that I hand pick myself. I grew up around entrepreneurs and always knew that I wanted a business of my own, but never quite knew what that would look like. After earning a degree in Film and quickly realizing that I didn't want to be in that industry, I went back to school for Graphic Design and fell in love with the structured chaos. I really enjoyed experimenting with being creative within a set of guidelines. I then taught myself how to screenprint so I could wear my own designs and Yat Cat was created. My parents always say that their favorite part about owning a small business is the ability to help so many people in a variety of ways. I wish to do the same with my business and hope that each Yat Cat shirt touches someone in a unique way. I love meeting my customers and growing from each interaction, so come say hi if you're ever in Denver! 

About Yat Cat 

Yat Cat Print Co. was started in New Orleans, Louisiana as a creative outlet but started seeing success and engagement at art markets around New Orleans and quickly became a full-time business. When the pandemic hit in 2020, we focused on our social media and online presence and grew a loyal following. After moving to Denver in 2021, we found the perfect spot to open a little shop. We love meeting our Colorado customers and hope that you'll stop by if you're ever in the area! We're located at 2329 E 28th Ave in the Skyland neighborhood of Denver.

Yat Cat Print Co. offers eclectic apparel, accessories, and gifts that draw inspiration from a variety of sources...mainly food, cats and nature. My wish is that everyone who wears a Yat Cat tee feels unique, expressive and relaxed. Each item is the result of a hand-pulled screen print, printed in Denver, Colorado.

Screenprinting is an intricate process that involves "burning" a screen using photo emulsion and UV light and using a squeegee to pull ink through the stencil and onto the garment. The ink is then cured and the piece is finished! If you have any other questions about my design or printing process, feel free to email or read our "Eco Statement" below to learn more about the products we use.  

Eco Statement 

Running an environmentally friendly shop is very important to me. While screen printing is a very important part of my life, it can be a harmful practice if proper measures aren't taken. That's why we use a variety of eco-friendly practices in my shop and have goals set in place to transition to an even more eco-conscious company. Here are the many ways we assure that Yat Cat Print Co. remains environmentally friendly.

- We only print on natural fibers (100% cotton) to avoid micro plastics entering waterways with each wash.

- We only use water-based, Phthalate and PVC free inks, which are harder to work with but are much better for the environment than commonly used plastisol inks

- We use water-based chemicals for reclaiming screens

- We upcycle and recycle wherever we can, including using cardboard boxes as art print backings, misprinted tees as rags or for testing and paper scraps as ink cards 

- We use compostable or recycled materials for packaging and shipping

- We use compostable washi tape to tape our screens

While we know this is just an introduction to being truly eco-friendly, we strive for improvement and welcome any suggestions you may have, so please email with your tips!